DSG CAP CAN® adds brand value by providing easy quick-twist-off reclosability!
Dayton Systems Group (DSG) is an engineering and technology leader providing products and services to the can industry internationally. Best known in the can industry for innovative products and production concepts. DSG products include:
  Reclosable 2-piece beverage can designs
  Reclosable 2-piece food can designs
  High-production sheet feed & coil vacuum cap production systems
  High-accuracy sheet feeding systems
  Fully automatic bagging & palletizing systems for
can ends
Conversion production systems for easy-open ends

DSG CAP CAN provides quick-twist-off reclosability that was previously only
available on glass! 

Creates added value
with greater shelf
appeal and

DSG CAP CAN easy to open reclosable food can designs deliver unmatched convenience and shelf appeal.

Eliminates the need for
pull tabs and openers.

Designed by experts who understand the
can industry, DSG ABP systems are state-of-the-art in reliability,
efficiency, and ease
of operations.